Travel To Go Discusses Safety While Traveling Abroad

Travel To Go knows that travel abroad can be exciting and rewarding. However, it is important for you, to educate yourself on the area and what you can expect before you go in order to do your part in making sure your trip is safe. We invite you to spend some time with us as we look at just a few of the many ways in which you can travel more safely.

Travel Safety Tips

Travel To Go recommends that you make sure you have all your information filled in on your passport. This includes information such as the emergency information page as well as your signature. If you are required to have a visa as well, make sure all the same information is filled in there too.

- Leave a copy of your itinerary and important information with someone you trust. This can and should include things like your passport, emergency contact information and phone numbers so that you may be contacted in case of an emergency.

- Get to know the area rules and conditions before you go. By learning the area conditions including weather, any political issues which may arise as well as what people wear and rules that differ from those you are used to, you can avoid issues which may otherwise come about.

- Do your part to avoid sticking out. Those who look like easy targets will generally be targeted by those out for an easy score. Try to dress and act more like the locals to avoid becoming a target when you travel.

Consider registering your trip with the STEP Program. Created to help U.S. citizens traveling abroad, the STEP program offers travelers the opportunity to learn more about their destination as well as providing a sense of security that in case of emergency, the government has a way to contact you and help you. By following these tips for travel abroad, you can ensure a fun experience with Travel To Go.

Travel To Go Highlight The 4 Important Things You Need Before Your Next Vacation

Travel To Go members say that you can easily spend hours creating and revising a checklist for your next trip. Before you do, make sure that the following five items are on that list. These items will literally make your next vacation so much easier and will allow you to be fully prepared for whatever comes at you.

One quart Ziploc bags- These are the one thing that stand between getting to take home that new makeup or perfume you found and having them confiscated at airport security. Do not just pack your items in these bags; bring extra bags so that you can take any potential purchases home. In addition, you never know if a bag will tear so having extras is always a good thing remind the members of Travel To Go.

Slim camera- The quality of phone pictures will never compare to a real digital camera. While traveling you need a slim one that is easy to pack such as the Canon PowerShot or the Nikon CoolPic.

Passport Copy- Most of the time you will never need a copy of your passport, but in the event that you do lose your passport having a copy with you will make it much easier to obtain a new one. You can always just scan your passport and then send a copy to your email so it’s always available to be printed should you need it.

Wheelie bag- A wheelie bag will speak for itself at the airport as it allows you to wheel your luggage instead of literally lugging it around with you advice the members of Travel To Go.

Travel To Go Guide You On What Pre-Packaged Snacks You Can Carry

Travel To Go members know that airlines do not usually carry meals or snacks anymore if you are only going on a shorter flight than 4 hours. So be sure that you pack some snacks that you can take on the plane with you especially if you are traveling with children. You may have to make sure that you can do this before you travel to the requirements of what is allowed to be taken on the plane. If you have the appropriate snacks usually dried or pre-packaged snacks might be allowed. Juice and drinks may not be allowed although some of the airlines still offer nuts and a beverage. Some of them may not offer the snack.

So you can always just bring extra pre-packaged snacks such as nuts and granola bars suggest the members of Travel To Go. You will probably not be allowed to take yogurt, drinks, pudding and other liquidly snacks unless it is from the airport store. You should only bring one snack per individual that you are traveling with per four hour length in the flight. So if you are traveling 8 hours you might get a meal from the airline but you should still bring two snacks as you might get hungrier than what the airline provides for you. If you get hungry still, you know your kids will definitely be hungrier as well. Hence the snacks will always come in handy even if you use them at the hotel, hostel, or the Bed and Breakfast Inn’s. This tip will save you money on your snacking needs in at least one way while you travel.

Hitting The Slopes With Travel To Go

Travel To Go knows if you live in or are visiting the northern eastern or western ski hotspots in the U.S., you are probably giddy with excitement over the recent snowfall. It was as if mother nature offered a peace offering for the damage which was incited due to the recent landfall of Sandy and has blessed much of the higher and northern regions with some much wanted snow.

Travel To Go knows for most people in the U.S., Thanksgiving represents the beginning of the holiday season and for the skier, it represents the beginning of the season. While many of the more northern resorts including many in Colorado as well as top destinations in parts of Canada already opened at least one run in the last few weeks, this weekend proved to be the perfect weather. Causing havoc for travelers and those who were not waiting for the snow, the ski season has officially begun in earnest.

Thanks to a relatively snowless year last season, the ski season suffered low numbers last season and a relatively short season with only 51 million estimated skier and snowboarder visits according to the NSAA or the National Ski Areas Association. This year is already looking up as giant snowfall amounts upwards of 2 feet in parts of the east and in states such as Michigan and Wisconsin have been pounded for days with further lake effect snow expected throughout the week.

As of the end of November, the most popular and largest resorts are all up and running.

Snow depths at the top ski destinations as of today are:

Jackson Hole Wyoming – 34” depth with 2 lifts and 4 trails open
Snowbird – 26” depth with 4 lifts and 24 trails open
Telluride – 18” depth
Squaw Valley – 36” depth with 13 lifts open
Beaver Creek – 29” depth with 3 runs and 7 lifts open
Vail – 18” depth with 2 trails open

What are conditions where you are at? Have you hit the slopes yet? Share your stories with us! Get out and enjoy the weather and enjoy the holidays with Travel To Go.

A Journey Back In Time With Travel To Go

Travel To Go knows the historically important UNESCO World Heritage Site of Machu Picchu represents a people not just of the past, but of the present as well. Home once to the ancient Incans, Machu Picchu is believed to have been a sacred religious site which was built at the height of the Inca Empire in around 1450. Evidence uncovered leads experts to believe that the area has been cultivated for well over a thousand years which makes it one of the finest examples in the world of mans ability to live with and on the land sustainably.

Located thousands of feet above sea level high in the mountains of Peru, just northwest of Cusco, most theorize that it was built as an estate for the emperor of the Incas, Emperor Pachacuti. Now, the area represents one of the most well known historical sites in Peru and in fact, the world. Designated a World Heritage Site in 1983, Travel To Go knows Machu Picchu is considered by many as one of the new seven wonders of the world.

When To Go and How To Get There

Encompassing thousands of acres of land in the Peruvian Andes, the site is located in Cusco and is open year round to the public for private tours, public tours or self guided tours and adventures. For the true adventurer a unique way to experience the area is to hike the legendary Inca Trail. A multi day trek through the jungle, this is not for the faint of heart. For the less adventurous, simply hop a train from Cusco and be there in a couple hours. Located in an area which sometimes presents unpredictable weather, the best time to visit is during the warmer months. If you want to avoid larger crowds and can cope with the rain, spring and fall will offer less tourists but more rainy weather at times.

What to See

Guided tours of Machu Picchu will take you into the citadel and to the to the areas which are considered the most intriguing. Check out the following:

Huayna Picchu
Gate of the Sun
Temple of the Sun
Temple of the Three Windows
The Intihuatana Stone
Moon Temple

Travel To Go knows that by illustrating a part of history and of the culture of the people of Peru, this world class destination offers adventure, beauty, history and a part of the human existence. Explore it, experience it and enjoy it when you travel.

Travel To Go Helps Holidaymakers Enjoy Stunning Vacations

Travel To Go continues to be among the leading vacation clubs in the industry by way of their particular determination of client satisfaction. This provider is centered on giving revitalizing vacations at fragments of the usual charge. This is great news for people that have already been interested in travelling across the ocean but haven’t identified affordable hotels. With the top class support of the Travel To Go it is possible to guide oneself to high end hotels at incredible prices. This is why numerous travelers are arranging their holidays, and anticipating traveling around the world.

The  Travel To Go greatly presents Gran Canaria, the next largest isle of the Canary Islands. This specific desired destination has become extremely popular amongst travelers in the last few decades. This island is usually nicknamed the “Miniature Continent” as a consequence of the various areas with various climates. Determined by your own mood you can go to stunning beaches or perhaps serious ravines. Nevertheless, the majority of tourists get pleasure from lying on the pristine seashores more than anything else. Truly, the Travel To Go offers their member’s usage of some of the most top quality seaside hotels on the area. This is one of the many explanations why people employ this company to make his or her dream getaways an actuality.

The prettiest section of Gran Canaria is under protection from the government in order to maintain the integrity of the spot. Tourists take advantage of the charming settings by going to any of the half a dozen nature areas that come recommended via Travel To Go. Visitors can enjoy going for walks in forests which may differ with respect to the course you wish to vacation. One of the many locations to visit is the Dunas p Maspalomas, which are found in the southern part of the main island. These types of soft sand dunes are probably the most significant landmarks within the isle, and are one of the main explanations for people travelling to Gran Canaria.

The  Travel GoTo  can provide travelers with lots of varieties of getaways. Whether enthusiastic about going for walks along the sand hills, as well as lying around the beach front, there’s a vacation resort that may satisfy your travel wants. This is the reason numerous tourists use the services of your Travel To Go, to enable them to make the vacation of their dreams inexpensive.

Travel To Go Suggest Ways To Make Your Travel Comfortable

Travel To Go network realizes that if you are traveling by air, plane or car, your body is going to have to put up with a lot of discomfort. There is never really enough legroom in a plane, and sitting in a car all day can cause your back to ache. Instead of dealing with this pain while you are traveling, here are a few simple tips from Travel To Go teammates that might make it easier to deal with.

* Get up and move around. This is the easiest way to avoid any aches. If you are in a plane, get up and take a walk down the aisle every hour. If you are driving in a car, pull over and get out to stretch a little. Travel To Go members know it will help with your circulation and keep your muscles fresh.

* Get a massage. If you are staying in a hotel, they may have a spa that will do this for you. If you do not want to spend that much money or time, invest in a small massager that will allow you to ease the aches in your muscles.

* Talk to your doctor. A medical professional can offer ways to keep your muscles from tightening up. They may also offer medicine that you can use to help you with the problems that can result from traveling in tight places.

Travel To Go Offers Tips on Booking Travels Online

Travel To Go knows that travel agents are not as important as they used to be. Thanks to the internet it is possible to book everything you need online without the help of a travel agent. Before you embark on this adventure, you need to know a few things. Travel To Go knows that this will help you get the best deal you can while still getting everything you need for your trip.

  • Figure out your dates of travel – The first thing you need to know is what dates you are traveling. If you can be flexible with these dates by a few days, you can save some money. Traveling on certain days is more expensive. Think about what days you really have to travel on.
  • Make a list of what you have to book – The basics are transportation and lodging. You may also need to consider food and entertainment as you book things online.
  • Comparison shop – The great thing about booking online is the ability to find the lowest price for the things you want. If spending a little extra time to check more than one site is worth saving money to you: do it. If you are in a hurry and need to book your plans fast, stick with a site that you trust.
  • Print out the information – make sure you have a copy of everything that you have booked including the confirmation numbers. This could come in handy later.

Travel To Go knows that the more you book your own travel plans online, the easier it gets. You will get a list of websites that you like and trust and can turn to these first when booking your trip.

Travel To Go Brings You Affordable & Luxurious Accommodations in Cabo San Lucas Mexico

Travel To Go highly recommends their members to acknowledge the fact that there is nothing more relaxing than enjoying a beach vacation in beautiful Mexico. While the sun, sand and surf are enough for some people, a vacation to Cabo San Lucas can offer you something more than that. Whether tourists prefer to indulge in cultural activities or sports, shopping or fine dining experiences Cabo San Lucas is ready to accommodate you with all.

Travel To Go members have raved about Cabo for years, visitors fall in love with the views and proximity of Cabo San Lucas to most US destinations.  Within a few short hours on a plane, guests arrive in Cabo a fishing, golfing and culinary paradise south of the border. Food loving visors (aren’t we all food lovers?) should never miss a fine dining experience in Cabo San Lucas, Edith’s Restaurant that offers delicacies such as lobster, tuna and steak cooked in exotic flavors.  Edith’s is an authentic spot looking over world famous Medano beach that has been a popular tourist and local eatery for over 2 decades is a must dine experience.

Travel To Go members know that most of the adventure and fun in Cabo San Lucas centers on water sports. Tourist can book trips with chartered boats to enjoy a guided whale watching experience from November to April when the whales are breeding in the warm waters.   Deep sea fishing is also a very popular activity in Cabo.  In the month of October Cabo San Lucas hosts several fishing tournament and anglers from around the world, fish off the waters of Cabo.  Fishing is world famous here and several 1000 pound Marlin have been reeled in off the coast of Cabo.

Travel To Go members know that nature enthusiastic love to explore Cabo San Lucas biodiversity at Cacti mundo Botanical Gardens. For the real adventures, a trip to Wild Canyon should also make its way to the top of your list!  Zip lines and other great activities are available at Wild Canyon, and the scenery is amazing.

Travel To Go recommends a visit to sunny Cabo San Lucas, Cabo welcomes thousands of tourists from all over the world. From relaxing beaches and lively nightlife, there is no shortage of fun and adventure experiences in Cabo San Lucas. However, to enjoy it all you sure need to make your travel plans, arrangements and booking all in advance, as this is the only way you get to enjoy Cabo’s highlighted attractions without any hassle.

Travel To Go Answers When Should A Child Fly On Their Own

Travel To Go realizes that the ability to fly to a destination has allowed people to travel to many different places in the world. It has also helped families that are separated by long distances to spend time together. There are many times when a child needs to travel from one place to another without an adult. The parents may decide that allowing the child to fly alone is the best way to accomplish this, but at what age should a parent consider this option.

  • Check the airline rules – Airlines have rules about unaccompanied minors flying. They have specific ages at which a child can fly alone and when they need to have supervision. Travel To Go warns that many airlines require an extra fee to be paid for an escort while the child is on the plane. The person that meets the child at the destination has to have identification that proves they are the right person and the child is never really alone while flying.
  • Get nonstop flights – Travel To Go suggests that one thing that parents should do when a child is flying alone is find a non-stop flight. That means that the child does not have to get off the airplane until they get to their destination.

Travel To Go Knows that the age at which a child can fly alone depends on the parents and the child. Some may be fine when they are younger and others may have to wait. It is a decision that must be made by the parents.