Travel To Go recommends Sulfur Hot Springs at Banff

Travel To Go members highlight the best attractions in Banff

With all the amazing destinations out there, Banff is sure to please travelers with its offerings.

Travel To Go knows that most tourists find that Banff National Park very attracting as they love to soak in its magical Hot Springs and marvel at its scenic mountains. Banff is a small mountain town located in the heart of Banff’s National Park and stands out to be a wonderful place for families to enjoy a holiday anytime of the year.

Travel To Go says tourists who are looking for helpful information about the best tourists’ attractions in Banff can get it from the Information Center which gives them all the details about the tours and excursions that they can enjoy in the area.

Travel To Go Recommends Seeing the Grand Canyon

Travel To Go encourages travelers to see the Grand Canyon.

There are plenty of amazing places to see around the world and Travel To Go recognizes specific areas that should definitely be visited in a lifetime. In Arizona, the Grand Canyon is a place of awe, a work of nature that has taken millions of years to form. While a picture can say a great deal, nothing beats seeing something in person. The Grand Canyon can almost seem unreal at times. However, it is very much real and this is the reason why travelers around the world visit this place.

Travel To Go Suggests a Summer Vacation Soon

The summer is already here and Travel To Go hopes that vacations have enjoyed trips so far this season. However, summer will not last forever and it is still important for people to take the time to go and enjoy vacations if they have not done so yet. Now is the perfect time thanks to warmer weather in many areas, services and features that are maximized at this time of year, and the fact that many people are taking time off to enjoy vacations worldwide. Summer vacations do not have to be limited to children and families. It is important for everybody to go on vacation some time in order to relax and set aside normal responsibilities for work. Travelers will be happier and healthier as a result.

For those unable to get time off at the moment, Travel To Go is well aware that vacations take place year-round. Some travelers will even prefer to take a vacation during a period other than the summer time. Many locations will be less crowded and the possibilities of saving on services are greater. Although a summer vacation often has a uniqueness to it that is fueled by the spirit of vacationers worldwide, it can be just as enjoyable to vacation off season. Regardless of the time of year, going on vacation is important for everybody.

Whether traveling only a few hours by car or thousands of miles away from home, the chance to have a great vacation is possible during any time of the year.

Travel To Go Recommends a Visit to Mount Rushmore

Travel To Go Recommends a Visit to Mount Rushmore

Travel To Go Recommends a Visit to Mount Rushmore

There are particular sites that serve as symbols for a country’s history, culture, and dedication to achieving greatness. Travel To Go understands that Mount Rushmore is one such example of nature being molding with human engineering. Located near Keystone, South Dakota, Mount Rushmore is essentially one of the largest sculptures of the world. More than ten of years of work was required to finish it. The end result has become a world-famous site that draws in large numbers of visitors each year. Seeing it in person is an amazing experience in order to fully appreciate the scope of the project and all of the work done to make it a reality.

Travel To Go Reveals Best Florida Beaches to Visit This Summer

Travel To Go, a leading provider of luxury vacations, knows that many travelers hope to spend time enjoying the summer sun on one of the world’s beautiful beach during this popular travel season. But many may wonder which beaches are the best when it comes to affordability, activities and of course, gorgeous scenery. This summer, Travel to Go recommends heading to one of Florida’s beaches in order to enjoy a fun summer vacation. Here are some of our top recommendations for travelers this year.

  • Clearwater Beach: This spot has a well-deserved reputation for being one of America’s favorite beaches. Many families and couples come from all around just to spend time here at one of the beautiful beach-front hotels or properties. This location is spread between 2 waters, the Tampa Bay on the east and the Gulf of Mexico on the west, which offers travelers the perfect atmosphere for things to do, like sunbathing, beach volleyball, renting a fishing boat and more.
  • Siesta Key:  There is so much to see and do, travelers will never be bored while visiting Siesa Key. Beach lovers from all over the globe flock to spend time on this tranquil beach, perfect for those who enjoy strolling, collecting rare sea shells or even more adventurous activities like renting a catamaran or kayak to explore the waters.

Travel To Go knows that spending time at one of these beaches this summer will be a great way to explore Florida. For more information or to start planning your vacation today, please visit

Travel To Go Recommends Visiting Glendale, Arizona

Travel To Go knows that many visitors to Arizona will arrive in the city of Phoenix. As a large metropolitan area, a traveler can go to different cities in Arizona within a short period of time. Among the many well-known cities in the Valley of the Sun, Glendale is a particular area that represents the old and the new.

Glendale is approximately ten miles northwest of downtown Phoenix. Home to the Arizona Cardinals and Arizona Coyotes, Glendale is a popular destination for sports, concerts, and other public events. The Westgate Center contains a number of shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues to enjoy daily. With many convenient freeways, access into Glendale is quick and easy.

In Old Town Glendale, Travel To Go recognizes that many small business on each side of the main two lane street are reminiscent of a classic American town straight out of the past. Known well for its antique shops, a visit to Old Town Glendale can allow people to find rare artifacts to compliment a collection.

When visiting the valley, there are plenty of other amazing cities to see. Visitors can experience special attractions that are available nowhere else. The Grand Canyon State is so much more than a vast desert. From the west valley to the east valley, a trip to Arizona can be filled with a wide variety of activities and sights to enjoy during a travel experience.

Travel To Go Highlights Some of the Best U.S. Sweet Treats

Travel To Go, a leader in the vacation fulfillment industry, knows that one of the most anticipated parts of any vacation is the delicious food. Many travelers love to try the local cuisine when visiting a place, so it’s important to select a destination that offers some unique yet tasty finds. For all the dessert fans out there, here are some of the best sweets to try in different states.

1. Idaho: Imagine coconut-flecked dark chocolate with a soft and sumptuous cocoa-flavored marshmellow center.  The Idaho Spud doesn’t actually have any potatoes inside, but just like the popular potato, these candies are quite popular. Some melt them down for a fondue or pop them into the freezer for a frozen version. This was invented by the Boise Idaho Candy Company, so to learn more plan a tour of the factory and pick up some at the shop onsite.

2. New Mexico:  This famous cookie goes by two names (Biscochitos in the north, Biscochos in the south) and was named as America’s first official state cookie 25 years ago. Delicious spices like anise and cinnamon, wrapped with warm brandy or wine in these Latin-inspired shortbread treats are now a New Mexico staple. Travel To Go recommends a visit to Golden Crown Panaderia, who  sells classic bizcochitos in their Alburquerque shop. Stop by  for a yummy detour on your next road trip, be sure to stop by.

3. Hawaii: The first to market the famous chocolate-covered macadamia nuts was Honolulu’s Ellen Dye Candies way back in 1927, and these are still some of the most popular treats around today. For those who want to try a spin on the classic version, try some of the new varieties that include chili pepper, ginger, sea salt and more, all hand-dipped in locally grown and roasted cacao. Try Waimea Chocolate Company’s version for the best of the best.

Travel To Go Welcomes Visitors to Las Vegas

Travel To Go recommends a stay at the Venetian.

Travel To Go recommends a stay at the Venetian.

For those seeking out an exciting trip where there is always something to do, Travel To Go believes Las Vegas is an ideal destination. There are many world-class hotels and resorts offering guests exceptional stays, a plethora of casinos for visitors to try their luck, live shows on a nightly basis, plenty of food, and a nightlife where anything is possible. Of particular note is the Venetian, a hotel modeled after Venice, Italy.  Any visit to Las Vegas can be a special one. Those who want to go on a getaway to a place that requires little effort to enjoy, Vegas is the place to be this summer.

Travel To Go Encourages a Visit to Hawaii

Of the many destination around the world, Travel To Go recognizes that one of the most desired and popular places to visit is Hawaii. These islands are home to beautiful beaches, amazing weather, a variety of hotels are resorts, and a long history that showcases its appeal through island culture. Hawaii is popular to visit for vacation, honeymoons, and local events that occur each year. The islands are certainly one of the top places for travelers to cross off of their lists for places to visit.

The greatest appeal of Hawaii comes from its natural features that represent the ideal tropical paradise. Along these lines, the culture of Hawaii appreciates the blend of beauty, nature, and peace. It is no wonder why it is such a beloved place for travelers who come from all over the world.

Travel To Go wants travel to know that the islands of Hawaii all offer a variety of features. Oahu, which contains the largest population of people, is home to the state capital of Honolulu. Many developments have been created over the years, offering a variety of options for travelers. Those who want to go to less crowded areas of Hawaii can visit the smaller islands which showcase more of the natural features that are sometimes lost in larger developments.

No matter which areas of Hawaii are visited, vacationers are sure to have wonderful times while enjoying the sun, indulging in delicious food, and appreciating the local culture that brings people ease of mind.

Travel To Go Showcases a Summer Weekend in Vancouver

Travel To Go, a leading provider of luxury vacations, knows that for every travel, a top priority is finding a vacation destination that offers a lot of fun and exciting activities. While each member of the family probably has their own preferences of things they would like to see and do while they are on a trip, it’s important to find a destination that offers a variety of things that travelers will both agree on and be excited about. Vancouver is one of the best sights to see in British Columbia, and here are some of the best things to see while in the area.

Stanley Park is one thing every traveler should set aside time to visit while on vacation in this area, since it is one of the most well-renowned parks and top-rated tourist attractions in the area. This urban area is designated as a national historic site of Candada, and offers visitors a scenic landscape of lush green in the midst of an urban city.  Kids and grown-ups alike will enjoy the views of mountains, water, trees and the deep blue sky along the famous Seawall.

To continue interacting with the beautiful nature in the area, VanDusen Botanical Garden is another sight Travel To Go recommends. Visitors can enjoy seeing a variety of flora and fauna in the area, along with attending exhibits. Currently, the Touch Wood exhibit is celebrating the culture of wood and is showcasing some exciting art, over two dozen pieces and installations. Travel To Go knows visiting Vancouver offers an exciting experience that the young and old alike will enjoy, especially when enjoying the natural landscapes the area has to offer.